Reader and the Book

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Books is the light


Visual thinker's passwords

Words means nothing: qwewsx bhu8ik,mn 456852

It really helps when password ends with ENTER key

You can remember that your password begins with letter Q and you don't need to remember all letters.
If somebody asks what is your password, you can straightly say to them - it's SNAKE!




Also you can mix forms and letters, like this:



This is how looks cyclopes with two eyes

CMYK Target

C:50 M:80 Y:20 K:0

C:0 M:90 Y:100 K:10

C:40 M:0 Y:100 K:0

C:60 M:50 Y:10 K:100

Functional Photography

I am thinking how to name it. Maybe it's practical photography. Photos like that in the exhibition room would be conceptual art for sure. That is kind of photography, when you use photo camera or photo more for helping yourself in specifically situation.

I walked in this room, and I couldn't see anything, here has been blindly dark. So I took my camera, and made some photos to see who is waiting for me here.

In this case, I couldn't saw what is written on the sticker. So again, I took a picture, zoom in, and read.

Simplest and most popular example of this would be making pictures of schedules, maps or something you will need to look at it in the future.

Photo camera instead of mirror

Here in café with camera I was hoping to find coin on the floor.

I didn't find it.