T      R      U      B      S
From the word disturb

Trubs are the part of surrounding us ambient. All sorts of breakdowns, brokenness, negligence, naturally happening things, effects of changing situations. It is true to say that trubs are a problem.
Examples are the easiest way to understand them. The simplest – a dropping tap. Another popular example - unusable files in the computer. Wobbling doors, unhandy fitted coat rack, hole in the street, all of them are trubs. Even an old timeworn numbers in your telephone address book are also trubs. Garbage in the bin isn’t a trub until thrown on the scrapheap.
We are not enough sensible about the influence made by trubs. We even do not notice how many of them are. How much problems make a trench in the street. Cars are smashing, to take the hole safely around takes a time. Looks ugly.
This problem I noticed when one day I went to smoke in landing and I needed to hold a door by my leg to stop the smoke come in to my room.
May put a question. When trubs lead us to make actions? Why they start? In what situations trub is not a trub? And so on.
by morfai

"Red Grasshopper"

Bards evening on June 27, Kaunas