Lidija Meškaitytė

Lidija Meškaitytė X Sprayprinter X Morfai

A tribute for artist Lidija Meškaitytė. One of her miniature paintings was used for this site-specific mural. Painted by Estonian crew "Sprayprinter" with unique cnc-drone robot. This building was chosen because A.Krikščiukaičio street ends just by hitting at this giant wall. So the place itself suggested that it should be extended. The interesting part is that light pole would ruin any other image but in this case here it blends perfectly into the whole picture.

Funded by "Kauno akcentai"


After Giedrė Beinoriūtė movie "Balkonas"

Thank you for inviting:

Funded by Vilnius municipality program "Kuriu Vilnių"

Strong Net

Heerlen city, Netherlands

The idea behind this mural is strong community.
Every person is on top of another's shoulders and also they are holding hands 
so they unite into one infinite pattern.

"Mural for Communities" project Ireland

Waterford, Ireland

The main idea is community's unite together for the same goal.
Had only one day to paint this.


Few more trolleys that I did for Kaunas municipality project "Atia senienos, labas naujienos"

Dedication to all trolley drivers

The copy of another piece I made on the wooden house few years ago

Flag of Lithuania

Collaboration with MotiejusVaura-Wunder for Devils museum

Collaboration with All cats are Beautiful #CatsOfKaunas

Retro car:

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Inkilai | Birdboxes

Tarpukario modernizmo architektūros įkvėpti inkilai | Modernism Birdboxes

Kauko laiptai prie fontano

 Žaliakalnio funikulierius-"Prisikėlimo bažnyčia"

"Pompėjos" laiptai 

 Šalia buvusio restorano "Kaukas", Radastų g. 16

Prie "O kodėl ne?" 

 Laiptai iš Laisvės al. į Vytauto (karuselių) parką

 Laisvės al. 26

 Pėsčiųjų tiltas į Nemuno sąlą/S.Daukanto g. 1

 Šilutės g.

Putvinskio g. tarp skulptūrų parkelio ir Čiurlionio muz.

BIG thanks to the best carpenter
Lukas Pelegrimas
for shaping my drafts into a real objects.

Funded by:
"Kauno akcentai"

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